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Transaction Costs of Copyright Clearance

“The indirect costs in higher education (through delays and difficulties in clearing rights) are very hard to estimate. [SCONUL has] attempted an estimate of the static costs in higher education and have arrived at a minimum figure of the order of 30 M/year.” [emphasis added] Source: SCONUL (Society of College, National and University Libraries) submission […]

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Paypal Transaction Costs for Micro Donations

Quite a lot of open source and open knoweldge projects use micro donations — sums of $5 or less. It is interesting to note that if you, as a donor, give $1 via PayPal (one of the most popular payment systems) paypal charge 35 cents. That means at the $1 level transaction costs (excluding any […]

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Transaction Costs in the Provision of US Health Care

“In 2003 Medicare spent less than 2 percent of its resources on administration, while private insurance companies spent more than 13 percent.” Source: Paul Krugman and Robin Wells, The Health Care Crisis and What to Do About It, New York Review of Books, Volume 53, Number 5, March 23, 2006. This implies that a massive […]

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Giving Away the Printer Charging for the Printer Cartridges

Printers and their ink cartridges are good examples of of complementary goods. The market is particularly interesting because until recently the printer seller was the only provider of cartridges for that printer. Over the last decade it has become possible for people to get ink cartridges from others in the form of ‘refills’, that is […]

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Information Technology’s Inbuilt (Progressive) Politics

This was a comment posted in response to one of Chris Lightfoot’s (ever interesting) posts: [Chris wrote] … Technologies may or may not have inbuilt politics. The printing press can be used for printing books, or printing identity cards; `trusted computing’ can be used to enforce digital rights management or to secure peer-to-peer networks. If […]

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