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Weekly Update: Rufus Pollock – 2nd April 2012


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Weekly Update: Rufus Pollock – 19th March 2012


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Shuttleworth Fellowship Quarterly Review – Feb 2012

As part of my Shuttleworth Fellowship I’m preparing quarterly reviews of what I and the Open Knowledge Foundation have been up to. So, herewith are some some highlights from the last 3 months.


  • Substantial new project support from several funders including support for Science working group and Economics working group
  • Our CKAN Data Management System selected in 2 major new data portal initatives
  • Continuing advance of projects across the board with several projects reaching key milestones (v1.0 or beta release, adoption by third parties)
  • Rapid expansion of chapters and local groups — e.g. London Meetup now has more than 100 participants, new chapters in Belgium and Switzerland are nearly finalized
  • Completion of major upgrade of core web-presence with new branding and theme used on and across our network of sites (now numbering more than 40)
  • Announcement of School of Data which drew huge attention from the community. This is will be a joint Open Knowledge Foundation / P2PU project.
  • Major strengthening of organizational capacity with new staff


Major new project support including:

CKAN and the DataHub


  • Major breakthrough with achievement of simple data upload and management process – result of more than 9 months of work
  • OpenSpending now contains more than 30 datasets with ~7 million spending items (up from 2 datasets and ~200k items a year ago, and under 10 datasets a 1.5m items just 4 months ago)
  • Substantial expansion in set of collaborators and a variety of new funding opportunities

Other Projects

  • BibServer and BibSoup, our bibliogrpahic software and service, reached beta and have been receiving increasing attention

  • Public Domain Review celebrated its 1st Birthday. Some stats:

    • The Review now has more than 800+ email subscribers, ~800 followers on Twitter
    • 20k visitors with over 40k page views per month
    • An increasing number of supporters making a monthly donation
  • Initiated a substantive collaboration on the PyBossa crowdsourcing platform with Shuttleworth Fellow Emeritus Francois Grey and his Citizen Cyberscience Centre

  • Annotator and AnnotateIt v1.0 Completed and Released

    • Annotator is now seeing uptake from several third-party projects and developers
    • Project components now have more than 100 followers on GitHub (up from ~20 in December)

Working Groups and Local Groups and Chapters

Working groups have continued to develop well:

  • New dedicated Working Group coordinator (Laura Newman)
  • Panton Fellowships run under auspices of Science Working Group
  • Funding of Economics Working Group

Rapid Chapter and local group development:

Additional items

Events and Meetings

Participated in numerous events and meetings including:

Weekly Update: Rufus Pollock – 27th February 2012


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Talk at LIFT 2012

This week I’m at LIFT 2012 to give a talk on Open Data — and also to meet with the great bunch of Swisss Open Data folks!

Update 2012-02-24: Slides up

Open Data: How We Got Here and Where We’re Going


Over the past few years, there has an explosive growth in open data with significant uptake in government, research and elsewhere. Open data has the potential to transform society, government and the economy, from how we travel to work to how we decide to vote. But we have only just begun down this road, and the going, even so far, has not always been easy.

This talk will introduce the idea of open data, explain how, and why, we are where we are today, and, finally, look to the future of the rapidly evolving open data ecoystem.

Weekly Update: Rufus Pollock – 20th February 2012


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Weekly Update: Rufus Pollock – 13th February 2012


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Speaking on Digging into Open Data at Data Insights Meetup in Cambridge Today

I’ll be talking at Data Insights Meetup today on the topic of Digging into Open Data.




There has been growing interest, especially in government, in ‘open data’. This talk will explain what open data is, why it is important and go on to cover some of the Open Knowledge Foundation’s recent work in this area.

About the Open Knowledge Foundation

The Open Knowledge Foundation has been a pioneer in the field of open data since its inception in 2004. It works in a wide array of areas from sonnets to statistics, genes to geodata. Its open-source CKAN software powers, and dozens of other open data hubs around the world. For more information about the Foundation see and

Weekly Update: Rufus Pollock – 30th January 2012



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