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Versioning / Revisioning for Data, Databases and Domain Models: Copy-on-Write and Diffs

There are several ways to implement revisioning (versioning) of domain model and Databases and data generally): Copy on write – so one has a ‘full’ copy of the model/DB at each version. Diffs: store diffs between versions (plus, usually, a full version of the model at a given point in time e.g. store HEAD) In […]

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Howto Install 4store

My experiences (with the assistance of Will Waites) of installing 4store On Ubuntu Jaunty. No packaged versions of code (there is one in fact from Yves Raimond from mid 2009 but now out of date …), so need to get from github. Recommend using will waites fork which adds useful features like: multiple connections triple […]

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