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Poem – Untitled #23 – Written on a Train

Written on a train, some years ago

The tail-end of dusk,
Its softness making beauty of the world

The distant horizon pinked up in pastels
Beckons to eternity

While leftward lies darkness
Gathering all to her endless embrace.

The trees now shorn to subtlety
Are framed against the remnants of the sky

Trees, hedges, houses
All are soft shadows of themselves

And even a car-park sheathed in raucous lights
Can not offend.

The hemisphere runs in colours
Tuned to some resonance within

That calls out to savannah’s long ago
Beauty is leaving us and –

I cannot, cannot hold this,
Cannot make enough of my mind space

To seize this fleeting figure of the world
And make it fast.

Grey dawn, you welcome not my spirit to the day

Grey dawn, you welcome not my spirit to the day.
Locked deep in winter’s embrace, the depths of January
Are moribund of hope, and I can but think on Spring
To keep from despair and an endless sojourn in the soft arms of sleep.

The day does not begin but seeps in, in sluggish batches from the East.
The watery light of a half-begotten sun
Has barely strength enough to banish night and makes us only think
Ever of indoors, indoors!

Why weighs my spirit so this season’s lack?
There is good to take in it I’m sure, yet here,
Stood here, this Janus’d morn, with heaven swathed in grey
I cannot find it, and must survive with heavy heart
             these bleak mid-winter days.