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Open Government Data Goes Global – OGDCamp Keynote

This is the keynote I gave as the opening to Open Government Data Camp 2010. Accompanying slides. Keynote Hello and Welcome! I’m Rufus Pollock from the Open Knowledge Foundation. We’re delighted to have such great a group of people here and many thanks to all of you that have come, especially if you’ve travelled a […]

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Data is a Platform not a Commodity

A phrase I’ve been using in talks recently: Data is a platform not a commodity: you build on it rather than sell it. And that’s why it should be open.

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Speaking at PICNIC 10 in Amsterdam

This week I’m going to be in Amsterdam at PICNIC ’10 speaking about open data — what it is, why it’s good and how we can go about growing the open data ecosystem. If you’re in Amsterdam — at PICNIC or otherwise — and interested in open data do get in touch. Update: slides have […]

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Shuttleworth Fellowship

This month, I’m starting a year long Shuttleworth Foundation Fellowship. Thanks to Shuttleworth Foundation’s support I’ll be able to dedicate myself full-time to open knowledge and the Open Knowledge Foundation. I’ll be working to promote open knowledge and open data around the world — open knowledge being any kind of content or data from sonnets […]

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Public Sector Transparency Board

As announced on Friday on the UK Government’s, I am one of the members of the UK Government’s newly formed Public Sector Transparency Board. From the announcement: The Public Sector Transparency Board, which was established by the Prime Minister, met yesterday for the first time. The Board will drive forward the Government’s transparency agenda, […]

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UK Government Plans to Open Up Data

Yesterday, in a speech on “Building Britain’s Digital Future”, UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown announced wide-ranging plans to open up UK government data. In addition to a general promise to extend the existing commitments to “make public data public” the PM announced: The opening up of a large and important set of transport data (the […]

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Talk at Forum Virium’s Open Up the City Event in Helsinki

This Thursday (11th March) I’m speaking at the Forum Virium’s Open Up the City event in Helsinki. This year their focus is on “open data, design, interfaces and innovation” and I’m speaking under the title “Open Data: What, Why, How?”.

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Talking at Cambridge University Library on Openness and Libraries

This Wednesday (27th of January) at 1pm I’m giving one of Cambridge University Library’s regular lunch-time talks on Openness and Libraries. Attendance is free and anyone can come along! Update (28th Jan): talk is done and slides are now up. Blurb Over the past few years, open licensing ( has facilitated the explosive growth of […]

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Open Notebook Social Science

The other day I posted up some work-in-progress on the subject of patterns of knowledge production. That material is still in a fairly preliminary state. However, my decision to release it it in this form was a conscious decision and part of an ongoing attempt on my part to practice a more open “release early, […]

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The Knowledge Commons is Different

I was looking again recently at “Understanding the Knowledge Commons” which I had perused previously. While reading the introductory chapter by Hess and Ostrom I came across: People started to notice behaviors and conditions on the web-congestion, free riding, conflict, overuse, and “pollution” — that had long been identified with other types of commons. They […]

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