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Putting Open at the Heart of the Digital Age

Introduction I’m Rufus Pollock. In 2004 I founded a non-profit called Open Knowledge The mission we set ourselves was to open up all public interest information – and see it used to create insight that drives change. What sort of public interest information? In short, all of it. From big issues like how our government […]

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Open Data Can Speed up Research – Andy Beck of Harvard Medical School

Dr Andy Beck of Harvard Medical School in Reddit AMA thread: Interesting question. I think there is a lot of value in actually showing the utility of open data, by using it creatively to answer important research questions. There are now huge public databases available and growing everyday (e.g., , I think it’s […]

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A Data Revolution that Works for All of Us

Many of today’s global challenges are not new. Economic inequality, the unfettered power of corporations and markets, the need to cooperate to address global problems and the unsatisfactory levels of accountability in democratic governance – these were as much problems a century ago as they remain today. What has changed, however – and most markedly […]

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Save the Date – OGP Pre-Conference, London Wednesday 30th October

This Autumn the Open Government Partnership Annual Conference is coming to London and will place on the 31st October and 1st November. As a lead into the main event, OGP is planning a 1-day civil society Pre-Conference event on Wednesday 30th October and we here at the Open Knowledge Foundation will be collaborating with them […]

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Git (and Github) for Data

The ability to do “version control” for data is a big deal. There are various options but one of the most attractive is to reuse existing tools for doing this with code, like git and mercurial. This post describes a simple “data pattern” for storing and versioning data using those tools which we’ve been using […]

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Shuttleworth Fellowship Quarterly Review – Feb 2012

As part of my Shuttleworth Fellowship I’m preparing quarterly reviews of what I and the Open Knowledge Foundation have been up to. So, herewith are some some highlights from the last 3 months. Highlights Substantial new project support from several funders including support for Science working group and Economics working group Our CKAN Data Management […]

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Shuttleworth Fellowship Bi-Annual Review

As part of my Shuttleworth Fellowship I’m preparing bi-annual reviews of what I — and projects I’m involved in — have been up to. So, herewith are some some highlights from the last 6 months. CKAN and the theDataHub Finalized separation of software and site: CKAN = data hub software, = community data hub […]

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Talking at Legal Aspects of Public Sector Information (LAPSI) Conference in Milan

This week on Thursday and Friday I’ll be in Milan to speak at the 1st LAPSI (Legal Aspects of Public Sector Information) Primer & Public Conference. I’m contributing to a “primer” session on The Perspective of Open Data Communities and then giving a conference talk on Collective Costs and Benefits in Opening PSI for Re-use […]

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Talk at RE:PUBLICA 2011

Yesterday I was at RE:PUBLICA XI to give a talk on Open Government Data in the opening session of the “open” stream. The crammed to over-capacity room was a nice indicator of the growing attention and interest being generated by open data, and especially open governernment data. Slides online here and below.

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Creative Commons and the Commons

Background: I first got involved with Creative Commons (CC) in 2004 soon after its UK chapter started. Along with Damian Tambini, the then UK ‘project lead’ for CC, and the few other members of ‘CC UK’, I spent time working to promote CC and its licenses in the UK (and elsewhere). By mid-2007 I was […]

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