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Javascript Libraries for Working with Data

Any pointers to existing js utility libraries for working with data (e.g. convert to/from standard services, parse dates etc)?

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Javascript Templating and Frameworks

Ongoing and incomplete review of javascript templating systems and frameworks. Templating Unobtrusive (HTML + JSON) weld tags: unobtrusive beta minimal.js tags: unobtrusive ‘Standard’ Templating Browser jquery.tmpl / jqtpl / tags: nodejs jquery browser beta tempo Listings Many of these work with browser Testing nodeunit qunit jasmine sinon.js (mocking) – […]

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Where Does My Money Go? Spending Explorer using Protovis and jQuery

Over the last couple of months I’ve been playing around with Protovis in my spare time to create an interactive pure javascript Government Spending Explorer for Where Does My Money Go? (datastore api): Explorer: Source: Warning: won’t work in IE (atm due to lack of svg support) and works best (i.e. fastest) in […]

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