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Strong words from WHO on Pharma Industry

From The global pharmaceuticals market is worth US$300 billion a year, a figure expected to rise to US$400 billion within three years. The 10 largest drugs companies control over one-third of this market, several with sales of more than US$10 billion a year and profit margins of about 30%. Six are based in the […]

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Open Scholarly Publishing

This post outlines how an open model of scholarly publishing would work and how it would be funded. Our current system for scholarly publishing is highly inefficient and poorly suited to the Internet age. An open model would cure many of the current ills as well as offering greater flexibility and greater potential for innovation. […]

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Patents and Access to Medicines for HIV – a looming crisis

Patents and access to medicines from a 2013 report on AIDS by Medicins Sans Frontieres: Because millions of people need to be initiated and sustained on treatment regimens for life, it is as critical as ever to ensure ARVs [anti-retro-virals] are affordable. Competition among generic producers was instrumental in bringing down the price of the […]

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Talking at Legal Aspects of Public Sector Information (LAPSI) Conference in Milan

This week on Thursday and Friday I’ll be in Milan to speak at the 1st LAPSI (Legal Aspects of Public Sector Information) Primer & Public Conference. I’m contributing to a “primer” session on The Perspective of Open Data Communities and then giving a conference talk on Collective Costs and Benefits in Opening PSI for Re-use […]

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Creative Commons and the Commons

Background: I first got involved with Creative Commons (CC) in 2004 soon after its UK chapter started. Along with Damian Tambini, the then UK ‘project lead’ for CC, and the few other members of ‘CC UK’, I spent time working to promote CC and its licenses in the UK (and elsewhere). By mid-2007 I was […]

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Progress in the last 3 months

As part of my Shuttleworth Fellowship I’m preparing quarterly reports on what I’ve been up to. So, herewith are some some highlights from the last 3 months. Talks and Events Open Government Data Camp 18-19 Nov 2010 – Organized by myself and colleagues at the Open Knowledge Foundation. Over 300 participants from over 30 countries. […]

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Papers on the Size and Value of EU Public Domain

I’ve just posted two new papers on the size of and ‘value’ the EU Public Domain. These papers are based on the research done as part of the Public Domain in Europe (EUPD) Research Project (which has now been submitted). Summary Slides Covering Size and Value of the Public Domain – Talk at COMMUNIA in […]

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Talk at Forum Virium’s Open Up the City Event in Helsinki

This Thursday (11th March) I’m speaking at the Forum Virium’s Open Up the City event in Helsinki. This year their focus is on “open data, design, interfaces and innovation” and I’m speaking under the title “Open Data: What, Why, How?”.

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Policy Recommendations in the Area of Innovation, Creativity and IP

I was recently asked to put together a short document outlining my main policy recommendations in the area of “innovation, creativity and IP”. Below is what I prepared. General IP Policy Recommendation: IP policy, and more generally innovation policy, should aim at the improvement of the overall welfare of UK society and citizens and not […]

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Prospect Magazine Article: Mashing the State

The lead article of Prospect Magazine’s February issue is a piece by by James Crabtree and Tom Chatfield entitled “Mashing the State”. It’s an in-depth look at the recent launch of and its place in the wider context of government policy in relation to information — as well as information’s relation to governance (that […]

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