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Proposal in Brazil to Legalize Non-Commercial File-Sharing and Monetize P2P

Pedro Paranaguá points me to a proposal for monetizing P2P file-sharing in Brazil.

The proposal has been submitted as part of Brazil’s open public consultation to review its copyright law. As he summarizes it for non-Portugese speakers like myself (though Google translate did not do a bad job!):

Basically, non-commercial file sharing will be authorized – should the proposal be accepted and passed into law. Each broadband user will pay a R$3 (or US$1.71) fee together with her/his monthly Internet Service Provider (ISP) bill. The ISP will collect the fees and distribute it to a collecting society comprised of authors’ associations that will then distribute the collected fees to authors, composers, and so on in the proportion that the works are downloaded.

Prospect Magazine Article: Mashing the State

The lead article of Prospect Magazine’s February issue is a piece by by James Crabtree and Tom Chatfield entitled “Mashing the State”. It’s an in-depth look at the recent launch of and its place in the wider context of government policy in relation to information — as well as information’s relation to governance (that “mashing” of the state …).

Where Does My Money Go gets a mention as does the “Cambridge” paper on pricing models at trading funds.

Research Fellowship on Economics of PSI

There’s an interesting 6 month fellowship at OPSI for work on economics of public sector information being funded by ESRC and National Archives. Deadline for applications is 6th August:

Valuing information: an economic analysis of public sector information and its re-use

Length of Fellowship: Six months

Proposed start date: Autumn 2009

Applications to be submitted as soon as possible (and by 6 August)

Location of Fellowship: The National Archives’ sites (Central London and Kew)

As part of its Placement Fellowship Scheme, the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) and The National Archives welcome applications from academic economists interested in working in a research capacity in the Office of Public Sector Information (OPSI). OPSI is part of The National Archives, a member of the Ministry of Justice family, working to set standards, deliver access and encourage the re-use of PSI.

The Placement Fellowship Scheme encourages social science researchers to spend time within a partner organisation to undertake policy relevant research and to develop the research skills of partner employees. The Fellowship will be jointly funded by the ESRC and OPSI while the Fellow remains employed by his or her institution.

See the document below for further details on the Placement Fellowship: