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Proposal in Brazil to Legalize Non-Commercial File-Sharing and Monetize P2P

Pedro Paranagu√ɬ° points me to a proposal for monetizing P2P file-sharing in Brazil. The proposal has been submitted as part of Brazil’s open public consultation to review its copyright law. As he summarizes it for non-Portugese speakers like myself (though Google translate did not do a bad job!): Basically, non-commercial file sharing will be authorized […]

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Prospect Magazine Article: Mashing the State

The lead article of Prospect Magazine’s February issue is a piece by by James Crabtree and Tom Chatfield entitled “Mashing the State”. It’s an in-depth look at the recent launch of and its place in the wider context of government policy in relation to information — as well as information’s relation to governance (that […]

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Research Fellowship on Economics of PSI

There’s an interesting 6 month fellowship at OPSI for work on economics of public sector information being funded by ESRC and National Archives. Deadline for applications is 6th August: Valuing information: an economic analysis of public sector information and its re-use Length of Fellowship: Six months Proposed start date: Autumn 2009 Applications to be submitted […]

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