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OpenHDI: Open Human Development Index

A few members of the Open Knowledge Foundation’s nascent open economics working group are having a code-sprint this Friday and Saturday to work on an app for the world bank competition currently called ‘Open HDI’ (Human Development Index): [Update] we’ve renamed to YourTopia – stub website (it’s what we’ll make today and tomorrow!) […]

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Progress in the last 3 months

As part of my Shuttleworth Fellowship I’m preparing quarterly reports on what I’ve been up to. So, herewith are some some highlights from the last 3 months. Talks and Events Open Government Data Camp 18-19 Nov 2010 – Organized by myself and colleagues at the Open Knowledge Foundation. Over 300 participants from over 30 countries. […]

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Where Does My Money Go? Spending Explorer using Protovis and jQuery

Over the last couple of months I’ve been playing around with Protovis in my spare time to create an interactive pure javascript Government Spending Explorer for Where Does My Money Go? (datastore api): Explorer: Source: Warning: won’t work in IE (atm due to lack of svg support) and works best (i.e. fastest) in […]

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Author “Significance” From Catalogue Data

Continues the series of post related to analyzing catalogue data, here are some stats on author “significance” as measured by the number of book entries (‘items’) for that author in the Cambridge University Library catalogue from 1400-1960 (there being 1m+ such entries). I’ve termed this measure “significance” (with intentional quotes) as it co-mingles a variety […]

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