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Open Shakespeare Annotation Sprint

Cross-posted from Open Knowledge Foundation blog. Tomorrow we’re holding the first Open Shakespeare Annotation ‘Sprint’. We’ll be getting together online and in-person to collaborate on critically annotating a complete Shakespeare play with all our work being open. All of Shakespeare’s texts are, of course, in the public domain, and therefore already ‘open’. However, most editions […]

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Copyright is a Monopoly! (And isn’t like normal property)

The equation of ‘intellectual property’ (IP) such as copyright with (traditional “real”) property is frequently made, especially by those advocating its extension. However, this equation is fundamentally erroneous and results in very serious misapprehension of the nature and effect of IP. In particular, patents and copyright confer monopolies in a way that ownership of real […]

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The Public Domain in 2011

According to (which I helped build) there were 661 people whose works entered the public domain in 2011: Of course, I should immediately state that this is a fairly crude calculation based on a simple life+70 model and therefore not applicable to e.g. the US with its 1923 cut-off (for those interested in […]

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Papers on the Size and Value of EU Public Domain

I’ve just posted two new papers on the size of and ‘value’ the EU Public Domain. These papers are based on the research done as part of the Public Domain in Europe (EUPD) Research Project (which has now been submitted). Summary Slides Covering Size and Value of the Public Domain – Talk at COMMUNIA in […]

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The Size of the Public Domain (Without Term Extensions)

We’ve looked at the size of the public domain extensively in earlier posts. The basic take away from the analysis was the finding that, based on library catalogue data, for books in the UK, approximately 15-20% of work was in the public domain — with public domain work being pretty old (70 years plus, due […]

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Argentina Extends Copyright Term in Recordings

Apparently, on the 11th of December 2009, Argentina extended copyright term in recordings from 50 to 70 years (see e.g. here, here and here). Instead of the real reasons for extension — propping up the profits of a handful of multinational record labels and their shareholders (at the expense of everyone else) — the usual […]

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Size of the Public Domain III

Here we are going to apply the results on Public Domain “proportions” derived in our previous post and thereby obtain best estimates of the UK public domain. The logic is simple, and similar to that in our first post in the series: we will take the Public Domain proportions from Table 3 of our last […]

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Public Domain Calculators Workshop

I’m one of the co-organizers of a workshop on Public Domain Calculators workshop taking place next week, on the 10th and 11th of November, at Emmanuel College, University of Cambridge. Hosted by the Open Knowledge Foundation in association with the Centre for Intellectual Property and Information Law at the University of Cambridge, it’s a meeting […]

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How Long Should Copyright Last? Talk at Oxford IP Seminar

Last week I was in Oxford to give a talk at the IP Seminar on “How Long Should Copyright Last?”. I have now posted the slides from the talk online. In addition to covering the basic outline of the optimal term calculation, I was also able to give some results from the recent research on […]

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Talk at ATRIP Conference: How Long Should Copyright Last?

Last week I was at the ATRIP Conference to give an invited talk on “How Long Should Copyright Last?”, based on my paper: Forever Minus a Day? Calculating the Optimal Term of Copyright. Slide are here but you can also seem them inline below. You can also find the text of the accompanying introduction below […]

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