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Talking at Legal Aspects of Public Sector Information (LAPSI) Conference in Milan

This week on Thursday and Friday I’ll be in Milan to speak at the 1st LAPSI (Legal Aspects of Public Sector Information) Primer & Public Conference. I’m contributing to a “primer” session on The Perspective of Open Data Communities and then giving a conference talk on Collective Costs and Benefits in Opening PSI for Re-use […]

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Speaking at CCSR in Manchester about Open Data

This Tuesday (25th Jan) I’ll be giving a seminar at Manchester University’s Centre for Census and Survey Research on Open Data. The seminar is 4-5pm and there’ll be an open-data workshop/discussion from 12-4. If you’re interested in working with open data generally or any Open Knowledge Foundation projects specifically, for example [Where Does My Money […]

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Is Google the next Microsoft? Monopoly, Competition, Regulation and Antitrust in Online Search

My paper Is Google the next Microsoft? Competition, Welfare and Regulation in Online Search has been published in the December issue of the Review of Network Economics. Local copy of the paper – extended version Slides from talk at Royal Economic Society Conference last year With recent antitrust and competition authority interest in Google’s monopoly […]

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Elektrischer Reporter Video on Open Data

The “Elektrischer Reporter” team in cooperation with the second channel of German television (ZDF) have just released a great video about Open Data. I’m interviewed in it along with Daniel Dietrich (OKFN Germany and Open Data Network), Christian Kreutz, and Richard Allan.

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Papers on the Size and Value of EU Public Domain

I’ve just posted two new papers on the size of and ‘value’ the EU Public Domain. These papers are based on the research done as part of the Public Domain in Europe (EUPD) Research Project (which has now been submitted). Summary Slides Covering Size and Value of the Public Domain – Talk at COMMUNIA in […]

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Public Sector Transparency Board

As announced on Friday on the UK Government’s, I am one of the members of the UK Government’s newly formed Public Sector Transparency Board. From the announcement: The Public Sector Transparency Board, which was established by the Prime Minister, met yesterday for the first time. The Board will drive forward the Government’s transparency agenda, […]

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The Size of the Public Domain (Without Term Extensions)

We’ve looked at the size of the public domain extensively in earlier posts. The basic take away from the analysis was the finding that, based on library catalogue data, for books in the UK, approximately 15-20% of work was in the public domain — with public domain work being pretty old (70 years plus, due […]

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UK Government Plans to Open Up Data

Yesterday, in a speech on “Building Britain’s Digital Future”, UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown announced wide-ranging plans to open up UK government data. In addition to a general promise to extend the existing commitments to “make public data public” the PM announced: The opening up of a large and important set of transport data (the […]

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Talk at Forum Virium’s Open Up the City Event in Helsinki

This Thursday (11th March) I’m speaking at the Forum Virium’s Open Up the City event in Helsinki. This year their focus is on “open data, design, interfaces and innovation” and I’m speaking under the title “Open Data: What, Why, How?”.

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Policy Recommendations in the Area of Innovation, Creativity and IP

I was recently asked to put together a short document outlining my main policy recommendations in the area of “innovation, creativity and IP”. Below is what I prepared. General IP Policy Recommendation: IP policy, and more generally innovation policy, should aim at the improvement of the overall welfare of UK society and citizens and not […]

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