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Ogilvy’s How to Write Memo

David Ogilvy’s 1981 memo to staff at Ogilvy & Mather. Have read this several times over the years and found it useful. Note that is not the same as thinking it completely true. For example, there are counter-examples to the claim that “People who think well, write well”). Posting here for my own archival and […]

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Great Video: Data Sharing and Management Snafu in 3 Short Acts

A funny, clever and simple video intro into what can go wrong when you actually want to reuse someone else’s data in research:

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Patents and Access to Medicines for HIV – a looming crisis

Patents and access to medicines from a 2013 report on AIDS by Medicins Sans Frontieres: Because millions of people need to be initiated and sustained on treatment regimens for life, it is as critical as ever to ensure ARVs [anti-retro-virals] are affordable. Competition among generic producers was instrumental in bringing down the price of the […]

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War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy

I read War and Peace – and subsequently Anna Karenina – many years ago now. It was one of the most extraordinary and greatest books I had – and have – ever read. He is the Beethoven of literature. Here I’m excerpting pieces. “And by old habit he asked himself the question: “Well, and what […]

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Remembering Caspar Bowden

Very saddened to see that Caspar Bowden, first director of FIPR, and tireless digital rights campaigner has passed away. Fine obituary from Ross Anderson in EDRi-Gram: Caspar moved to Microsoft in 2002 and worked for them for nine years as their Chief Privacy Adviser for Europe, the Middle East and Africa. What that actually […]

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Putting Open at the Heart of the Digital Age

Introduction I’m Rufus Pollock. In 2004 I founded a non-profit called Open Knowledge The mission we set ourselves was to open up all public interest information – and see it used to create insight that drives change. What sort of public interest information? In short, all of it. From big issues like how our government […]

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Poem – Untitled #23 – Written on a Train

Written on a train, some years ago The tail-end of dusk, Its softness making beauty of the world The distant horizon pinked up in pastels Beckons to eternity While leftward lies darkness Gathering all to her endless embrace. The trees now shorn to subtlety Are framed against the remnants of the sky Trees, hedges, houses […]

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Black Mirror – Episode 2

First saw this very late at night about 1.5y ago. Brilliant and dark – much more so than the first one. It has an Ouroboros-ian nature. On his interest in the girl: Existential crisis masquerading as infatuation.

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Slow Tech

A thought from a recent a recent Digital Supper: just as there is “Slow Food” do we need a “Slow Technology” movement – technology at a human pace. A key difference is that this can’t work just from individual action – though that will help – we would need coordinated action if tech were to […]

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Open Knowledge appoints Pavel Richter as new CEO

I am delighted to announce we have found the newest member of the Open Knowledge team: Pavel Richter joins us as our new CEO! Pavel’s appointment marks a new chapter in the development of Open Knowledge, which, over the last ten years, has grown into one of the leading global organisations working on open data […]

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