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6/10. One of those films that I would probably rate more highly if the reviews hadn’t been so positive. This isn’t bad, and it does a lot with its premise — in no small part due to excellent central performances — but there isn’t a huge amount there.

Travelling: Brasilia, Amsterdam, Budapest then London

I’m travelling quite a bit over these next few weeks:

If you’re at any of these events (or are just located in any of these places) and are interested in open knowledge (data/content/etc) type stuff please get in touch!

Updates from the events:

Shuttleworth Highlights for April 2011

As part of my Shuttleworth Fellowship I’m preparing monthly highlights of Fellowship-related activity.

Talks, Events and Posts


Talking at Legal Aspects of Public Sector Information (LAPSI) Conference in Milan

This week on Thursday and Friday I’ll be in Milan to speak at the 1st LAPSI (Legal Aspects of Public Sector Information) Primer & Public Conference.

I’m contributing to a “primer” session on The Perspective of Open Data Communities and then giving a conference talk on Collective Costs and Benefits in Opening PSI for Re-use in a session on PSI Re-use: a Tool for Enhancing Competitive Markets where I’ll be covering work by myself and others on pricing and regulation of PSI (see e.g. the “Cambridge Study” and the paper on the Economics of the Public Sector of Information).

Update: slides are up.

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PSI: Costs And Benefits Of Openness