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Talk at RE:PUBLICA 2011

Yesterday I was at RE:PUBLICA XI to give a talk on Open Government Data in the opening session of the “open” stream. The crammed to over-capacity room was a nice indicator of the growing attention and interest being generated by open data, and especially open governernment data. Slides online here and below.

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Creative Commons and the Commons

Background: I first got involved with Creative Commons (CC) in 2004 soon after its UK chapter started. Along with Damian Tambini, the then UK ‘project lead’ for CC, and the few other members of ‘CC UK’, I spent time working to promote CC and its licenses in the UK (and elsewhere). By mid-2007 I was […]

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Talk at UKSG 2011 Conference

Yesterday, I was up in Harrogate at the UKSG (UK Serials Group) annual conference to speak in a keynote session on Open Bibiliograpy and Open Bibliographic Data. I’ve posted the slides online and iframed below. Outline Over the past few years, there has an explosive growth in open data with significant uptake in government, research […]

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Javascript Templating and Frameworks

Ongoing and incomplete review of javascript templating systems and frameworks. Templating Unobtrusive (HTML + JSON) weld tags: unobtrusive beta minimal.js tags: unobtrusive ‘Standard’ Templating Browser jquery.tmpl / jqtpl / tags: nodejs jquery browser beta tempo Listings Many of these work with browser Testing nodeunit qunit jasmine sinon.js (mocking) – […]

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