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Copyright is a Monopoly! (And isn’t like normal property)

The equation of ‘intellectual property’ (IP) such as copyright with (traditional “real”) property is frequently made, especially by those advocating its extension. However, this equation is fundamentally erroneous and results in very serious misapprehension of the nature and effect of IP. In particular, patents and copyright confer monopolies in a way that ownership of real […]

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Speaking at CCSR in Manchester about Open Data

This Tuesday (25th Jan) I’ll be giving a seminar at Manchester University’s Centre for Census and Survey Research on Open Data. The seminar is 4-5pm and there’ll be an open-data workshop/discussion from 12-4. If you’re interested in working with open data generally or any Open Knowledge Foundation projects specifically, for example [Where Does My Money […]

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Introducing YourTopia – Development beyond GDP

The following is cross-posted from the Open Knowledge Foundation blog post. It reports the results of the code-sprint reported in this previous blog post. Today we’re announcing a simple new app (also submitted to World Bank Apps competition) that allows anyone to say what kind of world, what ‘YourTopia’, they would like to live in: […]

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OpenHDI: Open Human Development Index

A few members of the Open Knowledge Foundation’s nascent open economics working group are having a code-sprint this Friday and Saturday to work on an app for the world bank competition currently called ‘Open HDI’ (Human Development Index): [Update] we’ve renamed to YourTopia – stub website (it’s what we’ll make today and tomorrow!) […]

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PyWordPress – Python Library for WordPress

Announcing pywordpress, a python interface to WordPress using the WordPress XML-RPC API. Download: Source code: Usage Command line Check out the commands:: -h You will need to create a config with the details (url, login) of the wordpress instance you want to work with:: cp config.ini.tmpl config.ini # now edit away … […]

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The Public Domain in 2011

According to (which I helped build) there were 661 people whose works entered the public domain in 2011: Of course, I should immediately state that this is a fairly crude calculation based on a simple life+70 model and therefore not applicable to e.g. the US with its 1923 cut-off (for those interested in […]

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